DataImport is a product by Spalding Software that is resold and supported by RJS Software Systems.

DataImport provides a Windows designer for creating masks that define how to take unstructured data from a spool or text file and convert it into a tabular format for output to XLS, CSV, or a variety of other formats.

DataImport masks are supported in WinSpool/400, DeliverNow, WebSpool and iSeries Native Converters (the CPYSPLDIW command).

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Installing or Upgrading your DataImport Software


Version 6.5.0 - Installation | Upgrade | Revision History


Version 6.4.9 - Installation | Upgrade | Revision History

Licensing DataImport

DataImport is licensed through RJS Software by Spalding Software. You will need to receive your Serial Number and License from RJS Technical Support in order to register your DataImport installation.

DataImport Documentation


User Guide (Version 6 | January 2001)

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DataImport Documentation


User Guide (Version 5 | January 1997)

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