Enterprise Workflow

Enterprise Workflow is a cross-platform business intelligence workflow suite. It integrates with WebDocs iSeries and Windows, and can be integrated with third-party business applications. The Tomcat application provides the core framework, upon which custom workflows are run. Workflows are designed using a Microsoft Visio plugin and are published to the Enterprise Workflow application.

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Installing or Upgrading your Enterprise Workflow Software

Enterprise Workflow

Version 1.00.07 - Installation | Upgrade | Revision History

Enterprise Workflow

Version 1.00.04 - Installation | Upgrade | Revision History

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Quick Reference (Version 1.0.1 | September 2006)

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Administrator Guide (Version 1.0.1 | September 2006)

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Where is standard output (stout) for Tomcat on the iSeries?
Applies to: Enterprise Workflow - 1.03; | Last updated: July 31, 2012

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