Windows Integrator

Windows Integrator is a Windows application that displays as a menu on your desktop. It provides menus and buttons to launch VBScript methods based on the scraped contents of application windows. Sample VBScripts are provided with the install.

One common use is providing "quick links" to documents when the iSeries applications cannot be modified. The Windows Integrator script scrapes the text off of the client screen, parses it, and can launch applications or web pages based on the values it extracts.

Installing or Upgrading your Windows Integrator Software

Windows Integrator

Version 1.0.7 - Installation | Upgrade | Revision History

Licensing Windows Integrator

Applying a Site License

  1. Copy the RJSWindowsIntegrator.RJS license file to the Windows Integrator installation directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\RJS Software\RJS Windows Integrator) to license the software. This file may be re-used by other workstations in your organization. If you are unaware of where to obtain this file, please contact your IT Department or RJS Technical Support.

Demo Licenses

Windows Integrator installs with a 30-day demo license. If you require an extension, please contact RJS Technical Support.

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